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  • Straight from the vibrant fields of India, Zest n Zing Coriander Seeds bring the authentic essence of this timeless spice.
  • Harvested from the Coriandrum sativum plant, our seeds capture the true flavor of their origin.


Flavour Profile:

  • Experience the fresh and citrusy notes of Zest n Zing Coriander Seeds, adding brightness to your dishes.
  • With a subtle hint of earthiness, these seeds elevate the taste of your favorite recipes with their aromatic touch.


Cooking Uses:

  • Sprinkle Zest n Zing Coriander Seeds into your cooking to infuse your dishes with their delightful flavor.
  • Perfect for seasoning curries, marinades, salads, and sauces, these seeds bring a burst of flavor to every bite.

Zest n Zing Dhani Sabut / Coriander Seeds

₹40.00 Regular Price
₹30.00Sale Price
  • Coriander Seeds / Dhana Sabut

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