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  • Straight from the sunny farms of India, Zest n Zing Cumin Seeds bring you the authentic taste of this ancient spice.
  • These seeds come from a plant called Cuminum cyminum, grown with care to preserve their natural goodness.


Flavour Profile:

  • Enjoy the warm and earthy flavor of Zest n Zing Cumin Seeds, with a hint of citrus and nuttiness that adds depth to your dishes.


Cooking Uses:

  • Sprinkle Zest n Zing Cumin Seeds into your cooking to enhance the taste of your favorite dishes.
  • They're perfect for adding flavor to curries, rice, veggies, and soups, making every meal delicious.

Zest n Zing Jeera sabut / Cumin Seeds

₹500.00 Regular Price
₹375.00Sale Price
  • Cumin Seeds / Jeera Sabut

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