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Zest n Zing

​Welcome to Zest ‘n’ Zing, a vibrant and pioneering spice brand that has been making its mark in the industry since its establishment in 2018. From humble beginnings with a strong focus on spice exports, we have organically expanded our footprint, now proudly serving kitchens across the nation with our extraordinary range of spices. What truly distinguishes us is our unrelenting commitment to quality and flavor.


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Zest n Zing Foods: Elevate your culinary experience with our exquisite spice blends. From sweet to spicy, discover flavors that take your cooking to the next level. Your ultimate destination for gourmet delights!

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Deepak Patel

Traditional Food Enthusiast

“Being an Indian, spices are at the heart of our cuisine, and Zest n Zing has truly captured the essence of our culture in their products. Their ground spices are pure, aromatic, and simply divine! From the rich fragrance of their cardamom to the boldness of their garam masala, Zest n Zing has made cooking traditional Indian dishes an absolute joy for me. Thank you for preserving the true taste of India!”

Aparna Madhusudan


“As an Indian mom who takes pride in preparing authentic homemade meals, I can't praise Zest n Zing enough for their exceptional spice blends. Their masala mixes are an absolute lifesaver on busy days, and they always lend an authentic touch to my dishes. With Zest n Zing, I feel like a culinary expert even on my busiest days. It's like having a little piece of India in every meal!”

Priyanka Gangnani

Home Chef

“Zest n Zing has revolutionized my cooking experience with their diverse Indian spice offerings. The way their spices elevate the taste of my dishes is beyond words. Whether it's a classic dal tadka or a mouthwatering biryani, Zest n Zing spices add that extra magic to my cooking. I can confidently say that these spices are the soul of every Indian kitchen!”

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