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Whole Spices

Our Process for Whole Spices


We exclusively source our spices from authentic origins, maintaining close partnerships with local farms and adhering to ethical standards throughout our supply chain.


Our spices undergo thorough cleaning and sorting using state-of-the-art machinery, including the Clean O Grader, De Stoner, Gravity Separator, Rare Earth Magnets, and Color Sorter, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.


Before entering our processing unit, our spices undergo rigorous scrutiny, undergoing tests for chemical composition and microbial purity.


In our commitment to safety, we go the extra mile by conducting manual cleaning and sorting of spices, meticulously inspecting and hand-picking any imperfections that automated machinery may have missed.


Following selection, our chosen spices undergo a meticulous  fumigation process, ensuring the removal of any undesirable substances.


Before packing, all our spices pass through a Sterilization Plant, meticulously controlling the microbial load to ensure utmost safety and quality.


Finally, we carefully pack and seal the freshness and flavors of the safest spices of India, ensuring that each product maintains its quality and authenticity until it reaches your kitchen.

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